The richness of human differences include gender equality because that’s really who’s primarily underrepresented in tech, not just in the working world, but also access to and the creation of technology. There is an absolute duty of diversity and inclusion owed to all. While many organizations have tried unconscious bias training, we’ve learned that it can, at best, be ineffective, and at worst, exacerbate bias. 

However, if we fully understand the actual benefits to gender equality of why it makes sense to have a balanced gender workforce – better financial gains, better product development, more workforce engagement, enhanced creativity – it betters everyone’s business and performance. Albeit, it makes things a little more challenging and people have to work a little bit harder. But it should pay dividends and make your company more lucrative, or your organization more sustainable, and then people should benefit from gender equality who work there. So it should make our lives better.


Eticas Foundation, Ajuntament de Barcelona

This study establishes a preliminary diagnosis that adequately addresses gender policies in the ICT field, by analyzing quantitatively and qualitatively the ecosystem of information and communication technologies in Barcelona from a gender perspective, attending to four areas: education, research and knowledge; associative and community; labor; public policies and actions. Although this work is focused on analyzing each area studied in its relative autonomy, the methodological strategy takes into account the need to define the correlations between each of these areas studied and the causal relationships that give rise to and perpetuate the digital gender gap in the city.