Women are under-represented in technology. Not just in the working world, but also access to and the creation of technology. There is an absolute duty of diversity and inclusion owed to all. While many organisations have tried to deepen the area of unconscious prejudice about the lack of equality, it is not enough to assume this, we must be aware of it and avoid it.

That is why we must assume the benefits of equality between men and women and why it makes sense to have a gender balanced team: better economic results, better product development, more workforce engagement, enhanced creativity, better business. So it should make our lives better.


Eticas Foundation, Ana Bella Foundation

Since 2018 Eticas has reached out to the Spanish Ministry several times and offered a confidential pro-bono internal audit of the VioGén system. While this suggestion was well received, no action was taken. In 2021, Eticas decided to make an external audit of this system with a great social impact with the collaboration of Ana Bella Foundation. It has been made by using reverse engineering.


Eticas Foundation, Ajuntament de Barcelona

This study, carried on during 2017 and 2018, establishes a preliminary diagnosis that adequately addresses gender policies in the ICT field, by analyzing quantitatively and qualitatively the ecosystem of information and communication technologies in Barcelona attending to four areas – education, research and knowledge; associative and community; labor; public policies and actions-  from a gender perspective. Although this work is focused on analyzing each area studied in its relative autonomy, the methodological strategy takes into account the need to define the correlations between each of these areas studied and the causal relationships that give rise to and perpetuate the digital gender gap in the city.