Eticas Civic Tech Lab is more than a physical space. It is the creation of an autonomous space for the promotion and acceleration of practical solutions to the ethical challenges of current technologies, and specifically, artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms.

Why we’re here

Providing visibility to initiatives working in technology from the angle of digital rights, transparency and privacy, contributing both to the economic development of the area as well as the emergence of new narratives and technological practices.

The Space

Address: C/ Mir Geribert, 8, 3er (08014 Barcelona)

We have secured a great refurbished space in the heart of the technology city of Barcelona, just footsteps from major transport hubs, which has been launched September 2020. Walking distance from the major transport hub Plaça d’Espanya which has direct buses to the airport every 5 minutes. 10 minute walk to the Barcelona-Sants railway station.

170 SQ M with a kitchen, meeting rooms and shared bathroom. There are meeting rooms and a training center space available for up to 60 people. It has a lot of beautiful natural light with two separate entrances to the working area and elevator.

This will be a meeting, work and networking space for organizations and initiatives that work to promote civic technology.

There are necessary COVID-19 policies in place to ensure a safe and clean space. It is a big space with 4 independent areas and many windows which lends itself well to social distancing best practices.

Who can join?

We are surrounded by people who want to do things well. Engineers, mathematicians and physicists who understand that ethics, privacy and an understanding of the legal and social impact of their developments is crucial to building better tech -and are doing so. Social scientists committed to using their knowledge and tools to grasp how technological processes are impacting in our societies and mitigating negative externalities. Non-profits that fight for digital rights day in and day out. Companies, large and small, that are seeking ways to build trust with their partners and citizens by improving their data practices. Funders who want to put their resources where their mouth is and contribute to this endeavor. We want to bring all these actors together, virtually and physically, to provide visibility to the narratives and practices that are emerging.

We have established a number of general conditions to be met by organizations and initiatives selected to join the Civic Tech Lab:

  • Mission: the mission of the organization or initiative must address one of the Sustainable Development Goals the United Nations and also promote research and action on the interaction between society and data .
  • Values: organizations or initiatives that want to access the space must have specific measures to promote transparency and accountability, respect for labor rights and the diversity of teams, the ability to plan for the long term, guarantees of compliance with its legal obligations and mechanisms for return and social impact.
  • Impact: Organizations and initiatives will need to establish explicit and measurable impact indicators, and establish a timetable for evaluating results and impact. They will need to incorporate measures to involve the communities they intend to influence and, where appropriate, they will have to carry out risk assessments and impact(covering ethical, societal, algorithmic or security aspects).
  • Product: if initiatives or projects plan to develop a technology product, they should work to ensure that their idea responds to a real problem (and not the availability of technology), which incorporates measures to promote privacy, to mitigate algorithmic discrimination and make data processes transparent, that products are safe and sustainable (thus ruling out measures of programmed obsolescence), that use open source and that comply with the General Regulation Data Protection.
Talk to us at if you want to join but do not feel that you fit all of the above criteria.

How much is it?

There are two Civic Tech Lab packages on offer:

Meeting Room Package @ 15 euros/ hour

Limited Launch Offer! Monthly Package @ 85 euros/ month (excl VAT). The package includes:

  • Access to a desk in the 170sq m of the Civic Tech Lab space
  • Access to the kitchen and bathroom
  • 4hrs of time in the meeting rooms
  • Access to Eticas Foundation or Eticas Consulting event invites
  • Access to our ethics team for advice and guidance on ethical projects/work/strategy
* Additional pricing for training center can be requested from

How do I join?

Fill in our short survey so we can get to know you, what plans you have and the project you are working on!

Eticas Civic Tech Application Form 

After filling the survey, our project manager will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Let us build the community together!