Why do we exist?

The Eticas Foundation believes that technoethics is more than just staying on the right side of the law.

Responsible innovation is about cultivating your own moral compass to steer policies and a sustained commitment to human rights and environmental sustainability. Our primary guiding principle is that true innovation lies within technological frameworks that address social and economic challenges in ethical, accountable and proportionate ways.

To that end, our projects advance the public understanding of the social, ethical and legal implications of algorithms, artificial intelligence and technology. Since our inception, we’ve actively researched and provided practical guidance on migration, labour and trade unions, gender, and governance. More recently, we’ve implemented litigation as a strategy to hold institutions accountable and to enforce and invoke institutional change

A few of the most impactful projects we’ve created to raise awareness include:

Is an exposé of how dirty data can feed into algorithms, rendering corrupt decisions and predictions about the future. Dirty data also hinges on how it’s collected and stored: pillage personal data collection or responsibly anonymized data collection/storage? Voluntary or brute force data collection/storage?

Is the first searchable database of algorithms with worldwide social impact in fields such as healthcare, finance, policing, social services, education and more.

Civic Tech House

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