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Under the motto “BETTER AI FOR ALL,” our mission is to protect people and the environment in AI processes.  

Tech and data permeate every aspect of people’s lives, changing the way we live, work and even fall in love! But while innovation in medicine or food follows protocols and is required to prove its usefulness and impacts through checks, certifications and audits, technological innovation makes it to people’s homes, streets, wrists, pockets and conversations with very little oversight.  

And yet we know that AI struggles with outliers. All minority groups are systematically pushed out of automated data processes, leading to widespread bias and inefficiencies in AI and data solutions and services. 

We believe that the only innovation worth succeeding is responsible innovation. Just as people would not buy a car without seatbelts or accept a vaccine that didn’t go through clinical trials, society should not be exposed to AI that has not been tested for bias and outlier performance. 

Since 2012 we have been working on advancing society’s understanding of technological impacts and developing solutions to identify and mitigate AI bias. Through our work with civil society and impacted communities, we develop and advance AI auditing tools that open the AI black-box and create incentives for developers to do better and build AI for all.  

Our work proves that AI can and must do better. At Eticas Foundation we are convinced that the best AI is yet to come and want to build the transparency and accountability tools needed to make AI work. For all. 

Eticas Foundation addresses a very specific problem

The AI black box.

Technology is affecting more and more areas of life in invisible ways.
Hard won rights are being undermined in technical specifications without competent oversight.
It’s difficult for civil society, policymakers and the public to tackle the AI risks and harms, as this often requires technical knowledge.
We aim to build and shape a global ecosystem to shed light on the societal and policy implications of AI and data innovation. At this crucial time of heightened awareness and regulatory action, but also lack of enforcement and imagination, it is critical that existing spaces and actors step up their game. We are building the ladder.

The solution

AI auditing

Eticas Foundation opens the black box of AI by advancing the tools of adversarial auditing and AI reverse-engineering, creating incentives for the AI industry to do better and incorporate risks, harms, and impact into technical design processes.
The Foundation teams up with civil society organizations to audit AI systems impacting on their constituencies. Through our learn-bydoing approach, we build the technical capacity of impacted communities and help them have a voice in the AI debate.
Adversarial auditing results are used by civil society for campaigning, litigation, and awareness raising.
By accessing metrics on AI bias and inefficiencies, policy-makers can promote regulatory change to better protect vulnerable communities and society at large from irresponsible AI practices.

Areas of Work

To address this problem and build solutions, we at Eticas Foundation, have established three main work areas:

We Audit

Adversarial Audits

We prioritize this groundbreaking tool to gather evidence on how AI impacts specific communities and groups. By actively engaging them in the audit process, we aim to generate empirical data and insights about the social and ethical implications of AI technologies that can help shape policy decisions and advocate for regulatory measures that prioritize fairness, accountability, and social justice. 

We Educate


We promote and lead research on the impact of data and AI processes on underrepresented groups and launches awareness campaigns to
show how data works and affects daily life and decisions, to make citizens aware of the challenges, opportunities and implications of the digital future.
Fostering a culture of collaboration and generosity is integral to our approach to addressing these issues comprehensively.

We Advocate


We seek to create and strengthen legal frameworks that help build a more equitable future. Continuing to push for better regulation that is
enforceable and can change incentives at the development level remains a priority. In addition, incorporating robust audits and impact metrics into
compliance requirements and standards is essential to ensure accountability and effectiveness in policy implementation.



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Meet the diverse team of passionate professionals working to ensure the fair and unbiased social impact of AI systems.

Gemma Galdon-Clavell

Board President

Mireia Orra i De Salsas

Interim Executive Director and Community Lead

Yasmine Rmiki

Policy Lead

Luis Gonzalez

Adversarial Autis Lead and Data cientist

Matteo Mastracci

Senior Researcher

Miguel Azores

Junior Data Scientist

Ariane Aumaitre

Senior Data Scientist (Consultant)

At Eticas Foundation, passion for responsible AI is always welcome. Don’t hesitate to join the journey of better AI for all by sending us your resume or any inquiries to careers@eticas.ai 


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