Over the past few years, cities have made huge investments in technological infrastructures such as 5G. As time passes, the possibility of integrating different infrastructures increases, but often times decision-makers lack a clear roadmap of public and private existing installations and cost expectations. However, with a deeper understanding of urban technologies, known as well as hidden financial and societal costs, we can build upon existing and create new infrastructures.

To shift the paradigm from citizenship adapting and abdicating to new technology, we can create, develop, implement and monitor a smart city that is respectful of citizens’ rights and privacy and true data ownership and control.


Eticas Consulting


This is a work of evaluation, analysis and recommendations for the platform Decidim Barcelona. Promoted by the Barcelona City Council, this online platform aims to promote citizen participation and direct, deliberative and participatory democracy in the city, combining both ICT-based tools and face-to-face resources.