Cinema and digital rights cycle with La Filmoteca

Eticas Foundation and Filmoteca de Catalunya co-organize the Film and Digital Rights cycle this end of May (29 and 31)

This May 25 comes into force the General Regulation of European Data Protection. The frantic development of new technologies and the intensive use of digital data significantly change our world and so the creation of technological policies that regulate the social impact of this phenomenon is being more and more necessary.

Therefore, we need to promote social debate and create a critical awareness of the interaction between technology and society. We contribute to this with two screenings in a mini-cycle of Cinema and digital rights organized in collaboration with the Filmoteca de Catalunya:

Tuesday 29th of may| 5:00 pm

Democracy: Im Rausch der Daten

David Bernet . 2015 . VOSE . 100′

A documentary about the legislative process in the European Union. It explains a fascinating and highly explosive story about a group of politicians who try to protect society from the dangers of big data and massive digital surveillance.

Presentation and colloquium: Mariano Martín Zamorano y Griselda Casadellà (Eticas Foundation) and Àlex Vallejo Blanxart (Doctor TIC)

Thursday 31st of may| 5:00 pm


Jakob Gottschau . 2015 . VOSE . 58′

If Facebook were a nation, it would be the most populated on the planet. But do we know its laws? The right to privacy and freedom of expression are two inherent principles of advanced democracies and to which we renounce when we accept the conditions of this social network. Facebookistan delves into the darkest part of this Internet phenomenon.

Presentation and colloquium: Gemma Galdon Clavell (Eticas Foundation) and Sergio Salgado (XNET)