Meeting with entities to present Raval Data Commons

Sou una entitatAre you a social entity from Raval that works offering services and doing activities for the neighborhood? We have a proposal for you!

We would like to invite you to be part of the Raval Data Commons project with which we are developing a methodology and a tool to share data about our neighbourhood.

Nowadays, we generate data and work with data constantly: because we collect it, because we use it for our work, because it helps us to understand realities, because it organizes information for us and facilitates many areas of daily life.

With Raval Data Commons we want to go further and make available to the community all the data that can be of interest and that organizations and collectives already work, store and investigate, but that we do not usually share because we do not know how to do it or if it can be useful beyond our own organization or specific activity.

With Raval Data Commons, we are thinking about things like:

  • To represent the urban problems and potentialities of the Raval neighbourhood
  • Mapping the current infrastructure and services of the neighborhood
  • Categorize the data collected and design different access rights
  • Promoting innovation ecosystems and citizen participation  
  • To generate value through the associative and productive entities of the neighborhood  
  • Favouring an open source city 

If you like the idea, we invite you to a joint work session between different entities in the neighborhood, with the coordination of Eticas Foundation and Colectic Coop. In this two-hour workshop we will present the main ideas and objectives of this proposal and explain how it would work in practice, while identifying and specifying among all what improvements could be made, based on the needs of the participating entities. 

Your feedback is very necessary to make it possible successfully.

You can confirm attendance by writing to: or by calling 93 600 54 00.
You have more information about the project here.