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Eticas Foundation is a nonprofit associated with the Eticas Group. We promote research, forecasting, awareness, advocacy and training on the interaction between technology, data and society.

Eticas Foundation is the product of years of work by Eticas Research and Consulting and a belief in the vital need to promote discussions about the interaction between technology, data, society and responsibility at a time when social values, engineering possibilities and fundamental rights are interacting with each other in previously unimagined ways.

The need to study and analyse how technology, data and society co-exist is becoming increasingly relevant, as is the need to understand the impact of technology on many social systems, such as public administration and civil society, the market and education. Eticas Foundation operates exactly in this space, exploring the new realities and challenges created by novel uses of data, and engaging with people’s increasing awareness of the right implications of data management.


Technological determinism, solutionism, and lack of evaluation
New forms of discrimination: algorithmic, digital divide
Data despotism
Rights lost in technical specifications
Public / private divide blurred
Lack of socio-technical training
Lack of long-term thinking
Non-compliance due to ignorance, not bad faith
No reference spaces for the discussion of new interactions between technology and society

At Eticas Foundation, we promote research, forecasting, awareness, advocacy andtraining on the interaction between technology and society.

We understand the importance of incorporating the impact of technology into the analysis of many social phenomena and in different fields of study, such as public administration, civil society, the market, and education.

We view the ethics and responsibility of technological development as a cross-cutting, vital topic that must always be taken into account.

Algorithmic Discrimination

Ed Tech

Law and practice

Urban data

Migration and Biometrics

Data Quality

Future Lab

Policing and security

Our objectives


To promote an understanding of how technology influences society and vice-versa


To imagine potential social and technological futures


To empower the citizenry to understand the data-intensive world they live in, and help them have an active role in determining the future of their informational lives


To support decision-makers with analysis and guidance to help them make sound decisions that incorporate critical data governance issues into their agenda


To train a broad range of stakeholders to promote awareness and expertise within the data society, with an emphasis on civil servants, master students and data professionals

Our vision is to promote responsible technologies and technological processes.
Our mission is to gather evidence and understand how data and technology affect the functioning of society and human capabilities and to contribute to the reflection, design and development of data and technology ethical affordances that promote personal and collective digital empowerment and sovereignty.