‘Isaak’ AI surveils and ranks employees through behavioral tracking

‘Isaak’ is an AI software designed by the company Status Today aimed at providing employee behavioral analytics to employers and management. Used by many UK companies, the software analyzes the behavior of their staff, processing more than 130.000 people daily and more than 1 billion actions (Booth 2019). The software can categorize the employees as “influencers” or “change-makers” as well as assess their work efficiency, and provide this information to administrators and managerial staff. The AI filters through various data sources including employees’ emails, recorded meetings, and files.

According to information provided by Status Today, the system promises to give  “real-time insights into each employee and their position within the organizational network” and aims to improve “the overall workplace environment and reducing stress and overworking” (ibid). Despite offering such benevolent intentions, ‘Isaak’ situates workers in a position of vulnerability and constant surveillance. Not only does the system create a state of anxiety for employees, but they lose fundamental rights to privacy, autonomy, and political mobilization under the constant gaze of the algorithm.