EFF & Eticas & XNet

Privacy and rights in the age of big data

We invite you to the open discussion that we are preparing for next October 4, 2017 and that will count with the participation of members of the EFF who are visiting us in Barcelona for our collaboration with the project Who defends your data. We will also count with members from XNet who will talk about their latest campaign on government surveillance. You can register to the event for free here.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the oldest organization in the defense and promotion of civil rights in the digital environment. Since 2011 they have been carrying out the project Who Has Your Back that seeks to raise the privacy standards of users of companies that offer Internet services or through the Internet. Eticas presents these projects with the EFF and also Who Defends Your Data, the version that Eticas makes of this project for companies operating in Spain. We will also have X-Net that will present a letter for greater transparency in the supervision of secret intelligence-sharing activities between governments.

Open discussion with the participation of: