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Eticas Foundation is launching short specialization courses focused in the intersection of the fields of technology, privacy and security. They are intended to fill the gap of a growing need of training in all these issues, and besides, from a societal perspective.

These programmes offer rigorous training in theory, policy and practice and are aimed at academics and professionals seeking to improve their knowledge of issues relating to technology, security, and privacy. The modules offered in these programmes cover a range of topics: social science perspectives on surveillance, legal aspects of privacy and data protection, practical training for security policymaking, and privacy governance. These online courses respond to the need to train flexible talent able to meet the evolving security and privacy challenges of the day.



Online courses 

Privacy and surveillance I 

Basic concepts of privacy and surveillance, and its relation with privacy. More info

Privacy and surveillance II

Digital and technological elements of surveillance and the consequences on privacy. More info

Chief Privacy Officer I

Basic concepts that a Privacy Manager should know, including elements of privacy and data protection policies. More info

Chief Privacy Officer II

Technical and managerial elements of the Chief Privacy Officer role, including privacy impact assessment (PIA/DPIA), PbD… More info

Design of secure systems

Understanding of the technical elements required for auditing a technological system. More info

Privacy and security tools and sectors I

A sector-based approach to privacy issues. It will analyze the performance of “data tools” by which data is collected and treated or through which the results are applied. More info

Privacy and security tools and sectors II

A sector-based approach to privacy issues through the lens of law enforcement, health, smart cities and banking, among others. More info

Security and surveillance I

Introduction to the theory of surveillance, theoretical background to surveillance studies and the identification of surveillance societies. More info

Security and surveillance II

Introduction to the use of technologies in policing and the associated external factors. More info

Security policy analysis I

Understanding of the policy cycle, from design to evaluation, including implementation, and putting emphasis on specific security policies. More info

Security policy analysis II

This course deepens on the security policy analysis, drawing upon the results of different related European projects. More info


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