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Los sindicatos ante los retos tecnológicos

    Fase 1  ·  Fase 2 Los sindicatos ante los retos tecnológicos   Los sindicatos han estado protegiendo los derechos de los trabajadores desde hace siglos. Es gracias a la negociación colectiva y las protestas de los trabajadores que muchos disfrutan hoy el derecho a reclamar aumentos salariales, acceder a servicios de salud y

Raval Data Commons

Phase 0   ·   Phase 1   The “black box” of data   #RavalDataCommons   As a result of the processes of progressive digitalization of social life, both municipal administrations and private organizations are responsible for the management of an increasing volume of personal data of citizens. This fact opens up new fields and possibilities, but

Algorithmic discrimination. One of the main challenges for social progress in the 21st century

  Data-based services are increasingly present. As a consequence, the algorithms and data they process play an increasingly important role in decision-making, with significant effects for human welfare and human rights. Thanks to algorithms, you can obtain good booking recommendations or an efficient travel route for your trip. Of course, on the other side, you

Eticas Foundation Launch Party

Last week we finally did our first public event: the Eticas Foundation Launch Party! We gathered at a premium location in the center of Barcelona, the MACBA terrace. With a perfect mood granted by live music played by Eticas Staff and great food and drinks, the evening could not have been better. After introductions, our