What is algorithmic discrimination and why is it so important to discuss? How can citizens defend their rights when crossing international borders? Are cities prepared for automated cars?

We believe the citizenry must be informed about these issues to enable them to make choices about their digital lives, and to participate in the democratic processes that govern personal data. At Eticas Foundation, we address these and other critical topics about the interrelationship between technology and society. 

How-to Guides

Technology continues to become more complex and opaque. Using and deploying technology responsibly can be very challenging. Our How-To Guides are short, simple explanations to help individuals and small businesses untangle complicated technical topics.

Research, Dissemination and Advocacy

Our goal is to constantly produce basic, applied and translational research. We write academic papers, policy papers, and white papers and disseminate information on the following topics:

Ethics in Design

Ethics of technology and innovation

Algorithmic discrimination

Data and automated futures

Privacy-enhancing technologies

Ethics in Use

Migration, citizenship and borders

Ed Tech

Policing apps

Ethical data strategies

Artificial Intelligence assisted decision-making and justice

Responsible smart cities

Responsible Research and Innovation

Ethics in Governance

Privacy and digital rights

Policing and security

Net neutrality and internet governance

Technopolitics, e-democracy and e-participation


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