Eticas Foundation is assembling its first class of fellows to join us from September 1, 2017, through August 31, 2018 (these dates are flexible depending on the needs of the candidates). The objectives of this program are both to create a network of collaboration and contacts between the fellows, the Eticas Group staff, and professionals from different partner organisations of the Eticas Group; and to produce rigorous research papers (or products) focused on the areas of work of Eticas Foundation, and that will have an actual impact on the ethics and responsibility of the technological research, development and innovation.

The fellowships program is open to people with different backgrounds, as long as the proposed project relates directly to the areas of work of Eticas Foundation, and to the achievement of the objectives of the organization. Eticas Foundation recognizes that there is a growing field of actors with very different profiles that could shape the work related to the ethics of technology, and because of that, the fellows program will be open for researchers, activists, scholars, social scientists, developers, technologists, entrepreneurs, policy creators, journalists, geeks, public intellectuals, or people with any other background.

The selected fellows are expected to work closely with the Eticas Group in-house research team, as well as with each other to produce not only research but also joint publications, generic products, arts, code, and much more. Fellows will form a group united by the excitement of working together trying to have a positive and measurable impact on the social, ethical and legal impact of security policy, innovation and technology development, and the interaction between changing societal values, engineering possibilities and fundamental rights. Fellows will work individually and together in building valuable inputs, through research and product development, that will help society address these new challenges.

The Eticas Foundation fellows are expected to produce public outputs, to collaborate with each other and with the Eticas Group staff, and should be able to engage with external actors, if needed, in order to promote and disseminate their work. The total outcome of the fellowship program should strengthen Eticas Foundation through the achievement of its objectives, the promotion of its work, the expansion of the collaboration network, and the engagement in public initiatives.

Candidates with different academic backgrounds, and different level of experience are encouraged to participate in the program. And while candidates must present their ideas on what their work will be, they should also understand that the expectation is for them to be working both individually and as part of a group. Candidates should be aware that this would be an opportunity for them to expand their knowledge, to explore new areas of research with different people, and to think of their work as one piece of a big stage, a stage that will help them maximize their reach and impact, even outside their own field.

We believe that diversity is essential to the development of a vibrant and challenging group of researchers. We hope that by having inclusion and diversity within our team, we will be able to foster such values through our research and obtain results that better suit a diverse world. For this reason we particularly encourage women and minorities to apply for these fellowships.

Participation & Cohort

Fellows at Eticas Foundation commit to being in residence at the Eticas Office in Barcelona for at least three days a week (the stipend is adjusted depending on days in residence and level of experience). Each fellow, over the course of their fellowship, will pursue a project of their own design.

Fellows are also asked to engage with Eticas Foundation – both at the organizational level and with the broader community. This engagement can take a number of different forms, from attending events to organizing workshops, or meetings with stakeholders, and more. Fellows are expected to make a regular (monthly) collaboration that will be designed between Eticas Foundation staff and the fellow.

Fellows will also be expected to connect to future fellows of the organization through a collaboration network. It will be up to this first group of fellows to design this network of collaboration.

Projects & Themes

Potential fellows are expected to present as part of their dossier a specific project or activity that they will execute to promote ethics and responsibility in technological research, development and innovation. Eticas Foundation is anticipating receiving proposals and initiatives that will create public debate, that will inform, develop or provoke, that will reach broad audiences from different sectors, and that will have a high-impact. We are interested in ideas with many different forms, conventional or unconventional, as long as the proposal and the output present both the problem and the solution. Applicants with cross-sector, multidisciplinary challenging ideas are encouraged to participate. Eticas Foundation is also expecting to expand its network in many directions through this program, which is why the proposals should also reflect on that.

In line with the objectives established by Eticas Foundation, the research should be related to one or several of these topics:

Ethics in Design

Ethics of technology and innovation

Algorithmic discrimination

Data and automated futures

Privacy-enhancing technologies

Ethics in Use

Migration, citizenship and borders


Policing apps

Ethical data strategies

Artificial Intelligence assisted decision-making and justice

Responsible smart cities

Responsible Research and Innovation

Ethics in Governance

Privacy and digital rights

Policing and security

Net neutrality and internet governance

Technopolitics, e-democracy and e-participation


Imagining possible futures thanks to the technological development and the ethics and responsibility issues or questions to be considered in such scenarios.

We welcome, however, applications that pose entirely new questions and topics and push Eticas Foundation in new directions, as well as applications that complement and expand our current research focus, as long as these are in line with our mission and vision.


We are seeking 2 to 3 fellows for the 2017-18 class and as mentioned before, preferably a diverse mix of researchers and practitioners from different areas. We don’t want to impose a specific profile, and we think on the contrary that the more diverse the background of the fellows, the better. That said, we won’t impose any kind of quotas and we will be open to different possible compositions of the group of fellows. The final decision will rely completely on the proposals and the selection process.


Residency typically matches the academic year (September through August of the following year). If you would like to apply for a fellowship but cannot commit to a full term, please flag that in your application, as we may be able to accommodate some variations.


As mentioned before, the expectation is that the fellows will commit for at least three days a week in residence for the full term. Fellows committing to this will be offered an average stipend of €20,000. There could be small variations on the stipend depending not only on the weekly commitment but also on the expected length of the fellowship and on the level of experience of the candidate.

All fellows will have access to desks/workspaces, meeting rooms, email addresses, etc., and programmatic and organizational support to advance their project.

Application Process

To apply for a fellowship with Eticas Foundation, we’ll ask you to submit information about yourself and your work to date, including:

Cover letter


Work samples

Project summary and brief proposal (2000-5000 words, including methodology and dissemination strategy)

Names and email addresses of three references.


First-round applications are due July 28, 2017. Second-round applicants will be contacted for an interview with Eticas Foundation staff, and may be asked for additional information such as project budgets or letters of reference as they move through the review process.

Successful applicants will be alerted by the end of July 2017.

Would you like to join the programme?