At a time in which societal values, engineering possibilities and fundamental rights
are colliding with each other in previously unimagined ways,
Eticas Foundation is a reference space for discussion, research and education
on the interaction between technology, data, society and responsibility.

Our Work Areas

Migration and biometrics

Smart borders are becoming the norm, but are authorities complying with citizens’ expectations and fundamental rights?

Policing and Security

New technologies are reshaping policing and security. This directly impacts individuals, society and democracy.


We provide training on ethical data governance and responsible procurement. We also convene two Master’s programs: Technology and Privacy, and Technology and Security.

Urban Data

What does the future of the cities look like? Automated cars, the changing labour market, increased monitoring of civilians and other sociotechnical developments must be discussed and studied.

Ed Tech

Are we taking advantage of the many possibilities enabled by education technology? And, are we using this technology appropriately? Doing so requires careful planning and stakeholder involvement.

Algorithmic discrimination

The pervasive myth that algorithms remove human bias is detrimental to minority and marginalized communities. Justice and fairness require algorithmic systems to be designed with all members of society in mind.

The Gap Between Law and Practice

How is the use of technology creating a schism between your formal and your effective rights?

Future Lab

We are committed to promoting new initiatives that will improve the ways in which technology and society interact with and support each other.

Our Latest Work

Master’s Programmes

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